Five Strategies To Create Warmth When You Have The Thermostat Turned Down To Save Energy


If you want to save money on heat, there are countless things you can do including sealing your home, hanging energy efficient window treatments and lowering your thermostat. However, if you're sensitive to feeling cold, the last option may not seem that attractive. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to make your home feel warmer even if the thermostat is only on 60 or 65 degrees. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Bake bread or cookies

Grab a cookbook and get ready to try some new recipes. Turning on your stove in the winter definitely helps to heat up your home, and the tasty snacks you get from baking can make you feel warm and cozy as well.

If you're not up for baking, leave the stove on as a pot of stock simmers gently or spend the afternoon roasting a big piece of meat. Save your crockpot for the summer – that convenient device isn't going to emit any extra heat for you.

2. Light a fire

If you have a fireplace or a wood burning stove, use it as much as possible. In addition to making your home more comfortable when your thermostat's on a low temperature, fires can sometimes make it possible to turn off your heater altogether.

In some parts of the country, there are even programs where low income residents can qualify for free firewood to help supplement other heating assistance initiatives.

3. Wear a beanie and dress in layers

You may think you don't need a hat when inside, but that wasn't always the case. Sleeping caps, for example, used to be worn by everyone in the days prior to central heating – in addition to your blankets, you needed a hat to keep warm while the days' fires dwindled.

If you want to save money on heating, put on a beanie, pull up the hood to your sweatshirt and dress in layers. For real warmth, consider some fingerless gloves as well.

4. Redecorate for the winter

Staying warm when the thermostat's on a conservative setting doesn't just involve the right outfits and activities. It can also involve redecorating. Move furniture away from drafty windows, and make sure it's not covering your vents.

Also, throw blankets on all your couches and chairs – that way, when you're sitting around relaxing and your temps start to naturally decrease, you have something to cuddle up with.

5. Start exercising

Instead of relying on external heating to keep yourself warm, turn to your body's internal thermostat. A bit of exercise stimulates your circulation, boosting your temperature and helping to keep you warm. All you need to do are a few jumping jacks or find a free video online for a full heat-producing workout.

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17 July 2015

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