Three Household Electrical Jobs That Are Best Left To A Professional


Although it's often possible to handle small electrical jobs around the home yourself, such as changing an overhead light or even replacing a faulty wall outlet, there are other times that it's best to set down your tools and pick up the phone. Arranging for an experienced and licensed electrical contractor to visit your home for the job allows you to breathe a sigh of relief -- not only will the job be done as you desire, but it will also be done safely. Even if you're keen to do as much work around the house as you can, here are three times that it's best to use a professional.

Changes To Your Breaker Panel

It can be necessary to address your home's breaker panel for a number of reasons, including to fix a breaker that constantly trips when you run two devices off the same wall outlet. Working inside the panel is only for the trained professional -- doing so is dangerous, and a miscue in this area has the potential to lead to further complications and even the possibility of a shortage or fire in the future. Regardless of your reason for needing a breaker replaced or upgraded, this job is best for the do-it-yourselfer to avoid.

Warm Switches And Outlets

A warm wall switch or outlet might feel cozy in the winter months, but this issue is symptomatic of a potentially serious problem that is putting your house at risk. If a switch or outlet is warm, there's a good likelihood that the wiring directly behind it is faulty. Faulty wiring not only has the chance of starting a fire, but can also deliver a nasty shock to you or someone in your family. These issues are often quick and easy for a licensed electrician to diagnose and fix.

Using Too Many Extension Cords

Running an extension cord between a wall outlet and your appliance might seem simple, but this approach isn't a long-term solution to a home that needs additional wall outlets installed. Furthermore, running too many cords to one outlet -- a situation often referred to as an "octopus," given the appearance of an outlet with numerous protruding cords -- increases the chance of overloading the circuit and, at worst, causing a fire. While extension cords can be a handy short-term fix, it's time to involve an electrician if you find yourself reaching for a cord too frequently.


22 July 2015

Staying Safe Around Electricity

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