Five Issues That Mean Your Breaker Box May Need Repaired Or Replaced


The breaker box is the central hub for all your home's electrical wiring. Most homes only have one box, although occasionally a home may have a box for each floor or separate boxes for a dryer or furnace. Problems with the breaker box can be a major concern because they can lead to fire danger or damage your electrical wiring. This guide can help you pinpoint minor problems before they become a major concern. 

Issue #1: Frequent tripped breakers

Breakers are made to trip if they experience a power surge. This is a basic safety feature that can prevent fires or damage to your appliances. An occasionally tripped breaker isn't anything to be concerned about. If it's happening frequently, though, you may want to bring in an electrician. A damaged breaker, issues with the wiring in the home, or a poorly functioning electrical panel could be the culprit.

Issue #2: You can't reset the breaker

Occasionally you may run into a breaker that won't reset. Generally, you reset a breaker by moving the switch back over. Sometimes, the switch won't move or it pops back over almost immediately after you reset it. In this case, the problem is with the breaker or electrical panel. A professional replacement is necessary.

Issue #3: Burning odors

You should never smell nor see smoke from your breaker panel. If you do, the best course of action is to shut off electricity to the home and call an electrician immediately. Often, burning odors only indicate a short and minor damage, but occasionally they can lead to a devastating electrical fire.

Issue #4: Shorting appliances

Sometimes breaker problems don't occur in the main box, but they affect appliances plugged into the associated outlets. If your appliances are shorting out or if plug-in surge protectors keep getting reset, the problem could be in the specific breaker or in the wiring to the problem outlet. An electrician can test both to narrow it down to the exact cause.

Issue #5: Physical damage

A quick visual inspection of the box may also reveal a problem. If the breakers look damaged – for example, they look blackened or melted – or if they feel hot, you need to shut off the offending breakers and call an electrician. Physical damage is a sure sign that there is a problem in your breaker box.

The cost of a repair or replacement can vary greatly, depending on how many breakers are in the home and whether they can simply be repaired or if the box requires a full replacement. Replacement costs, on average, can fall between $500 and $1300, although $2000 plus jobs aren't unheard of. These costs are well worth it though, when considering peace of mind.

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24 July 2015

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