About Circuit Breakers Tripping After Installing New Equipment In A Warehouse


Did you recently get a lot of new equipment installed in your warehouse and are experiencing circuit breaker problems? If you want to safely use the new equipment, it is in your best interest to seek help from an industrial electrician to find out why the circuit breakers keep turning off (tripping). Find out below why the new equipment keeps tripping off the circuit breakers, as well as what an electrician will charge to fix the problem.

What Causes Warehouse Equipment to Trip Off Circuit Breakers?

If your electrical panel is not wired to handle a large amount of electricity, it is the possible reason why your new equipment is tripping off the circuit breakers. It is the circuit breakers job to send volts of electricity to the outlets in your warehouse. If the circuit breakers sense that too much electricity is being used, they trip as a way to warn you that something is wrong. If you ignore the problem and constantly turn the breakers back on, your warehouse can go up in flames.

It is possible that the pieces of equipment caused the electrical wiring to overheat in the outlet when they were plugged up. You have a big problem if you still have the equipment plugged into a damaged outlet, as the power cords can melt or get a short in the wires. You may want to take a look at the outlet cover and power cords to the equipment to see if they are damaged so you can get prompt help from an electrician. The outlet cover will be discolored if the wires behind it overheated when the equipment was plugged up.

The electrician will inspect the electrical panel to see how many amps it can handle. He or she will also check the circuit breakers, as well as measure the electrical volts flowing through outlets with a multimeter. You may need to upgrade the amps in the electrical panel and get a sub-panel installed that can handle all of your new equipment.

What Should Be Expected for an Electrician to Charge?

The typical hourly rate charged by electricians is a minimum of $30. The highest rate that electricians are estimated to charge is $100 per hour. If he or she upgrades the electrical panel, expect to spend at least $2,000 plus for 400 amps. Getting a sub-panel installed can cost $500 or more. Speak to an electrician like Brian Thornton Sons Electric as soon as you can to find out why there are electrical problems in your warehouse!


9 September 2015

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