How To Tell If Your Home Needs A Wiring Upgrade


Many older homes, and even some modern ones, will need a wiring upgrade at some point or another. It's not always easy to know if your home needs a wiring upgrade. However, there are many signs that will alert you that a wiring upgrade may be something you should consider.

1. Constantly Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses

First off, if you're using a fuse box, then odds are you have older wiring as well. You should have the fuse box replaced with a proper circuit breaker.  In any case, if those fuses blow frequently, or if the breaker trips constantly, you may have wiring issues. The lines in your home are likely inadequate for the amount of electricity you're pushing through them. This can cause overloaded circuits. These types of issues can also mean you have a short in your wires somewhere.

2. Dimming and Flickering Lights

Do your lights dim when you plug something in? Or, do they dim and flicker on their own with no provocation? If there's one particular light that's flickering, you can test the fixture or outlet that light plugs into. If your flickering lights stop, then you may have a local issue with that outlet or fixture. You can call in an electrician to have a look. If multiple lights are flickering, then you may have a larger wiring issue.

3. Electrical Outlets that Radiate Heat, Spark, or Have Char Marks

Have you ever unplugged something and noticed heat coming from the outlet or touched the outlet plate and found it was hot? Do you notice black marks around the outlet? This is a sign of faulty wiring behind the outlet.

4. Things Turn Off Then Back on By Themselves

Similar to the dimming and flickering lights, you may notice certain appliances turning off then right back on for seemingly no reason at all. This is a sign of wire contacts coming apart. It is also a sign you have aluminum wiring, which isn't a good thing.

Call an Electrician For Any Symptoms

If everything is working as it should, and you notice no symptoms, then you're likely okay. If you plan to add a new appliance or you find yourself using more electricity for any reason, then it's best to check on the health of your home wiring.

If you notice any signs that can indicate faulty wiring, call an electrician like Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. Messing around with your home's wiring is highly dangerous. You should let an electrician inspect first. He or she can tell you if you need a fix, or a full wiring upgrade. 


30 October 2015

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