Three Commercial Lighting Changes Every Bakery Owner Must Consider


From the entrance where you greet your customers every day to the back of the kitchen where all of the real magic takes place, the appropriate lighting is a crucial part of a well-functioning bakery atmosphere. However, too many bakery owners start out in a recycled building and just use whatever lighting is already available from the last business that set up shop in a particular location. If you want to take your sweet business spot to a new level, take a look at the following three big lighting changes you should consider making. 

Recessed LED Lighting Inside Glass Showcases

LED lighting is an amazing light feature because of the fact that it lights a space evenly without heat radiating from the source. The even light distribution from recessed LED fixtures inside of a glass case helps to eliminate shadows on your pastries and other confections inside, keeping the whole scene clean and pristine to hungry customers.

Low-Glare Spotlighting Over Cake Display Cases

The cake display case is like the crown jewel of your bakery. Make sure that the lighting that you have available adequately portrays the artistic splendor that your bakery should be known for with low-glare spotlighting. You need a low-glare spotlight fixture because of the plastic containers that house your cakes in the case and the way they reflect the light. This is an easy-enough fixture to find if you have a good commercial electrician working with you to get the right products.

Fluorescent Hood Lighting Fixtures 

When you and your employees are in the process of preparing food, the type of lighting in the kitchen area can make all the difference in how well the process is observed. With the right fluorescent hood lighting systems over the donut fryer and cook tip in the kitchen, every small discrepancy will be apparent and highly visible, which is important when you are aiming for perfection. The best thing about fluorescent fixtures is that they are easy to install just about anywhere that wiring is available, because the fixture housing is sturdy enough to provide support over a large area.

The key to creating an enticing and delectable scene inside of your bakery is all about having the right lighting, both in the kitchen and beyond. Talk to a commercial electrician who can help you make changes in your bakery to achieve the most appetizing appearance to display to your customers.


8 November 2015

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