Choosing The Right Type Of Outdoor Ceiling Fan


Summertime is a great time to sit on the porch or deck and enjoy all of nature as it blooms. The only problem with that scenario is it is too hot and humid to enjoy it. You can remedy that situation with a ceiling fan. Choosing the right one for your needs doesn't need to be a chore with the following suggestions.

Will The Fan Be Durable Enough To Go Outside?

You need to choose a fan that can withstand the exposure to outside elements by using its UL Rating as indicated by Underwriters Laboratories. The fans should be labeled showing if the unit is safe for wet and damp locations because of the additional moisture.

If the fan is damp rated, it is okay to use in areas where the moisture factors are present, but not in a location that could have direct contact with rain, snow, or other elements. You need to choose the wet-rated fan to withstand the direct hit from the weather conditions.

How Do You Clean The Outside Fan?

Choose a fan that is marked with the UL Wet rating if it will be exposed to rain or the ocean's humidity.  If it can withstand the moisture (wet rated), you can use a water hose to rinse the blades without damaging the motor. This is a huge advantage because of the time saved. You won't need to do the dreaded chore of wiping each blade individually.

Other Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Fan

You can use an outdoor ceiling fan inside, but you shouldn't use one manufactured for inside use outside. The indoor unit is not built to withstand the outside weather conditions. The parts might rust, the blades could warp, and many other problems could occur to cause the unit to fail quickly.

The inside unit's blades are made of furniture-grade wood and have more control options and electronic features. Outdoor units are made from all-weather blades with ABS plastic for durability.

You can choose from many different styles that will be a perfect fit for your outside space while being sure it has the correct UL rating. You can choose from a plain style or jazz it up using other features. After all, it can make the area feel like it is eight degrees cooler. On a humid day, that is a big difference. You can enjoy the time spent outside with friends and family with a pleasant breeze without dealing with the hot conditions of the summer months.

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27 July 2016

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