Is Under-Cabinet Lighting Right For You?


Under-cabinet lighting might be an excellent choice so you won't have to stumble around in the kitchen at night aimlessly searching for a light. Many benefits come along with the installation of these lights, and you can choose what style is best for your needs. You will be surprised how much more efficient your kitchen can be when you put a bit of light in areas you use frequently.

Electrical Sources

Hard-wired cabinet lighting is accomplished with permanently connected circuits, whereas plug-in units must have a regular power outlet to receive power. Battery-operated units can be placed anywhere you need an extra lighting source and are good to have, especially if you live in an area that is prone to storms or other power issues.

Types of Lights Available

If you have an older home, you might be hearing a buzz from the fluorescent bulbs under the cabinet. It could be time to replace the 1907 invention by Thomas Edison. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is an economical choice that changed the lighting industry and has been a popular choice for approximately fifty years. It is safe to operate because of its shockproof and durable composition, which is a good feature for under-cabinet lighting purposes.

Halogen bulbs are much like the fluorescent bulbs and are only about 30 to 50% efficient. Incandescent lighting is not an energy-efficient choice because it is only valuable for 5% of its source is visible lighting; the rest goes into heat.


Easy to Install: Installing lights under the cabinet is a simple process. You have several choices, including puck, linear, or tape. Puck lighting is composed of small circles or discs (similar to a hockey puck) that have various price ranges, depending on the materials. The units can be purchased individually or in a pack.

The linear lights are usually made of plastic and are rectangular. Linear lighting is sold as a complete unit and come in different lengths. Strip or string lights are a good choice for apartment living. This style doesn't need any wiring, since the bulbs are mounted in thin plastic bands.

Budget-friendly: No longer will you have to use the overhead lights every time you need a light source. With all of the benefits received from LED lighting sources, you will be able to save on the budget for the power bill.

It is up to you and your home's décor for the style of lighting used under your cabinets. These are just a few suggestions that could save you money. In most cases, you should be able to do the work quickly. Take time to relax and enjoy your time spent at home with your friends and family for many years to come with your new light additions. Contact a residential electrician near you to learn more.


27 July 2016

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