Benefits Of Using Leds To Replace Halide Warehouse Lights


If you have large halide lights in your warehouse, then it may be time to switch them to retrofitted LEDs. LEDs have many benefits over halide lights. If you want to know about some of these benefits and why you should consider switching to LEDs, then keep reading. 

LEDs Last Longer

One of the greatest benefits to choosing LEDs over halide lights is the fact that LEDs last a lot longer than almost any other type of light. LEDs last about 50,000 hours. In some cases, newer LEDs can last upwards of 100,000 hours. While halide lights do often use newer technology, they are only likely to last about 15,000 hours at most. Even if halides last close to 15,000 hours though, they will often need to be replaced sooner than this. Halide lights tend to degrade and this will affect both the color temperature and the brightness of the light. This is not an issue with LEDs. Also, cycling issues may be noted where the lights turn on and off by themselves. Since halide lights take a long time to warm up, this may mean that you can experience low and poor lighting once the lights start to age.

The only time that the longevity of LEDs may be an issue is when the retrofitted LED high bay lights are placed in a high heat environment. LEDs are affected by heat. If overheating is a possible issue in your warehouse, then it may be best to leave your halide lights.

LEDs Provide Different Light Temperatures

If you are used to the halides in your warehouse, then you may not notice that the temperature of the lighting is harsh with cool white light. While this temperature can help to illuminate a large area, it may not be ideal in every situation. If you want a warmer tone in the space, then LEDs are available in a variety of different light temperatures that include warm yellows and cool blues. Warmer yellows may be ideal if a portion of the warehouse is used as an office space or as work area. 

Not only do LEDs come in a variety of different tones, but they also are more directional than halides. You can expect to see the LEDs with a 180 degree focused light. Halides on the other hand have a 360 degree beam, so a lot of the light can get lost, unless you use reflectors. 

If you want to know more about how LEDs may be advantageous in your warehouse, make sure to speak with a lighting professional. 


11 September 2017

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