5 Tips To Save Money On Your Electric Bill This Spring


Springtime is the weird time of year when you will often find yourself running both the heat and the air during the same week. As the temperatures begin to rise, you will find that energy use also rises. To ensure that your energy usage remains at a minimum, as well as your utility bill, here are a few tips that will help throughout spring and into summer.

Tip #1: Perform Air Conditioner Maintenance

One of the main things that you will want to do with your air conditioner is to clean or replace your air filters. When you are running your air conditioner with dirty or clogged air filters, it causes your air conditioner to work twice (or more) as hard to cool your home efficiently. This, in turn, results in more energy usage.

Tip #2: Check for Leaks

You will want to check for any gaps around your windows or doors for air that is coming in from outside. These gaps allow for cool air or heat to escape from inside the home and the outside air to enter the home. This can result in your air conditioner or heater having to work harder to cool or heat the home leading to a higher utility bill.

Tip #3: Use Your Ceiling Fans

Believe it or not, your ceiling fans can help keep your home far more comfortable this spring. It will help minimize the use of the air conditioner, which will keep your utility bill lower without having to sacrifice your comfort. Just don't forget to turn the ceiling fan off when you leave the room, as the fan will only benefit you when you are in the same room.

Tip #4: Open Your Windows

During the spring, your windows should be your best friends. While there will be some rainy days when you won't want to open up the windows, there will be plenty of sunny days that will allow a nice breeze to filter in through your home if you pull open the shades and raise your windows.  

Tip #5: Cook Outside on Warm Days

When you use your stove, you are heating up the inside your home. This is unnecessary during the spring. On nice, sunny days, use your grill outside to cook dinner. This will help keep some of the heat out of the home and reduce the load on your air conditioning unit.

To learn more about how you can save this spring, consult with an electrician. In addition, you may want to consider having a professional conduct a home energy analysis who can make suggestions on home improvements that will increase the energy efficiency of your home.


23 February 2018

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