Moving Into An Older Home? 3 Things An Electrical Contractor Can Do For You


If you are moving into an older home, you need to check things out more closely. One of these things is the electrical system. Instead of doing this on your own you need to hire a professional electrical contractor to do this for you. Below are three things this contractor can help you with.

Inspect Electrical System

The first thing the electrical contractor will do is to check all electrical wiring in your home. They will start looking at all breakers to ensure they are all in good condition. Next, they will check the wiring the breakers have to see if any of the wiring is damaged at all.

The electrical contractor has a tool that they can use to check the voltage of each breaker and any other electrical wiring. If the voltage is not correct, the electrician will replace the breaker.

Upgrade Electrical System

Because the home is older, it may not have enough voltage to handle what you have. For example, if you have things like computers, a new refrigerator, a new dryer, a new HVAC system, and any other items that will pull electricity, the current electrical system may not be able to handle all of this. If this is true, the contractor will replace the breakers to ensure they are at the right voltage. While they are doing this, the contractor will likely suggest that you replace all breakers. This way the breakers would be all the same age so when it is time to replace them you would replace them all.

The electrician will first check all items you have to see how much electricity they use so they will know if the current breakers can handle it.

Install Electricity

If you do not have enough electrical outlets to plug in everything you have, the electrician can install extra outlets to give you enough. This is something you should never do on your own, because if this is not done correctly you could have an electrical fire.

You may also want under cabinet lighting in your kitchen or track lighting in a room. The contractor can install all of this for you. For example, under cabinet lighting can be hardwired by the electrician so you will not have to worry about plugging anything in.

The electrical contractor you hire can give you more details about the information above. They can also give you tips to keep your home safe from electrical fires.


30 July 2018

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