Air Lock In Baseboard Heating - Quick Fix


Baseboard water heating is one of the more used methods of home heating. While there are many benefits to this type of home heating, one of the drawbacks to it is that it has a tendency to air lock. This article will go through the basics of why this happens and what you can do to relieve this problem. How baseboard water heating works Baseboard heating works by simply piping hot water through pipes and into rooms.

28 November 2015

Three Commercial Lighting Changes Every Bakery Owner Must Consider


From the entrance where you greet your customers every day to the back of the kitchen where all of the real magic takes place, the appropriate lighting is a crucial part of a well-functioning bakery atmosphere. However, too many bakery owners start out in a recycled building and just use whatever lighting is already available from the last business that set up shop in a particular location. If you want to take your sweet business spot to a new level, take a look at the following three big lighting changes you should consider making.

8 November 2015

How To Tell If Your Home Needs A Wiring Upgrade


Many older homes, and even some modern ones, will need a wiring upgrade at some point or another. It's not always easy to know if your home needs a wiring upgrade. However, there are many signs that will alert you that a wiring upgrade may be something you should consider. 1. Constantly Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses First off, if you're using a fuse box, then odds are you have older wiring as well.

30 October 2015

Curious Toddler? 3 Things You Must Do After Your Child Is Electrocuted


If you think that electrocution could never happen to your child, think again. Approximately 70 percent of the thousands of people who are treated for electricity-related accidents in the United States are curious toddlers and children under the age of 5. In many cases, accidents occur when a child sticks something, such as a finger or fork, into an electrical outlet. Fortunately, most children walk away from the experience. However, about 100 children die each year due to electrocution.

14 September 2015

About Circuit Breakers Tripping After Installing New Equipment In A Warehouse


Did you recently get a lot of new equipment installed in your warehouse and are experiencing circuit breaker problems? If you want to safely use the new equipment, it is in your best interest to seek help from an industrial electrician to find out why the circuit breakers keep turning off (tripping). Find out below why the new equipment keeps tripping off the circuit breakers, as well as what an electrician will charge to fix the problem.

9 September 2015

Minimize Your Consumption And Maximize Your Longevity - Maintaining Your Home's Electrical System


Home ownership is a tremendously exciting and rewarding accomplishment, but it also comes with a wide variety of challenges. Chief among these is mastering the maintenance tasks that allow you to keep your lights running without your power bill exceeding reasonable levels. Thankfully, there are some basic steps you can take in order to achieve this balance. Below, you'll find a guide to some suggestions for maintaining your home's electrical system.

6 August 2015

Electrical Circuit Issues: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find The Source Of The Problem


When an electrical circuit begins to malfunction, it can be extremely frustrating. If it is your HVAC unit that is connected to that circuit, then you could be out cool or warm air depending on the season. If it is your washer or dryer, and you are out of clean clothes with work tomorrow, then you may be heading to the laundromat at midnight tonight. When your circuit malfunctions in these situations, it becomes that much more infuriating.

3 August 2015

Enhancing Gaming And Entertainment Households With Better Wiring


The gaming world brings awesome entertainment and even opportunities for income in the comfort of your own home. Fast computers, innovative gaming consoles and beautiful televisions and monitors can create a semi-professional gaming center or a breathtaking party room. Unfortunately, if the wiring situation in your home isn't up to modern electrical demand, power outages and damaged equipment may be in your future. As you look through new devices to add to your game room, home office or entertainment room, think about a few ways that an electrician can help.

31 July 2015

Five Safety Tips For DIY Electrical Repairs


Electricity is one of the more dangerous things running through the modern home. Although many DIY guides advise that you can handle minor electrical projects yourself, they may not stress safety enough. Whether you are trying to troubleshoot a problem or simply install a new doorbell, the following tips can help keep you safe. #1: Watch for Water Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, which means you don't want any nearby when you are having electrical problems.

28 July 2015

How to Repair a Lamp with a Lamp Kit


Do you have a beautiful lamp but it just isn't fit to use anymore? Maybe the cord is frayed or the plug is outdated, or perhaps some wiring has come loose somewhere and it just won't work. There's no need to toss the lamp. You can purchase lamp kits that allow you to replace the electrical parts of your favorite lamps on your own. Gather Your Supplies The simplest way to repair a lamp is to purchase a lamp repair kit.

28 July 2015